• My love-hate relationship with side-projects

    Compulsive starting of projects, being obsessive about them for a short while - just to completely abandon them afterward is all too familiar to me.

  • Splat, splat and double splat!

    We run into splat operators often, so I wanted to take some time and explore them in a bit more depth.

  • Building a memoization module in Ruby

    How hard is it to build a memoization module from scratch in Ruby? Let's find out!

  • Developing visualizations with D3.js

    If you are a Javascript developer that crashed on an alient planet and are held hostage by a race of space badgers who demand that you build a D3.js chart for them in next 15 minutes - this is a tutorial for you.

  • How to (not) mess up your freelancing gig

    Freelancing gigs usually start off great, but as the project goes on things can quickly turn sour.

  • Pokemon GO visualization

    A scatter diagram displaying the link between maximum 'tankiness' and CP of Pokemons.

  • Why Jobless?

    Jobless is a DSL, written in Ruby, for generating CVs.

  • What the hash?

    Let's take a look at a potential pitfall in Ruby's hashes.

  • We have Markov noodles for dinner

    I've recently started working on a super secret project that needs a decent random text generator.

  • Tested be thy name

    Developers often talk about different types of tests, but it seems to be a bit hard to keep track of what each type of tests is supposed to do.

  • Two modules, one method

    Let's explore some edge cases in ruby language.

  • How I released my first iOS app

    Few days ago I released my first iOS app, it's a cat petting simulator called CatMe.

  • Most important post ever

    So I just started this blog, my intention is to write mostly about my side projects and random thoughts.